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Our Mission

We make healthy and fun food for kids.  We believe in sprouting healthy eaters from a young age.

Most of us start our kids’ diets off so well with the vegetable, meat and fruit purees and no salt and sugar, but before you know it, we have fallen into the 'fish fingers and chicken nuggets' trap by age 3...because they are easy and convenient and the kids eat them.  

Sprout is about giving you a healthier option for your kids, and making it convenient and easy. Our meals are packed with veggies and we take great care in ensuring they are completely preservative and hormone free.  We only use free range meat and we add no sugar or salt. Zero. 

Our range of products include gluten free options, and vegetarian options. And the best part is that you can order it all right here online, right now, with our super easy shopping cart.

Our tagline "Nurture by Nature" describes our mission to help parents teach their kids from a young age to eat natural and hormone and preservative free food, providing them with the necessary vitamins and minerals that nature gives us, to live healthy lives as adults. Healthy eating habits are taught and nutured and they are formed at an early age.  All our meals contain loads of vegetables, cut into bite-size pieces that make it easy for kids to eat and maintains the necessary texture in the meals. 


Nutritionist Input

In developing our products, we have worked with a nutritionist, Adri Geyser. Adri makes sure that we serve up balanced and nutritious meals and snacks. In fact, she is always pushing us to put more vegetables in our food! 

Adri works with children’s physical and mental developmental issues.  Nutrition has been linked to various behavioural and neurological issues in young children, for example attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Proper nutrition can go a long way in supporting optimal mental and physical development. For more information and contact details, see www.adrigeyser.co.za for more.



Character Associations

Why not make it fun for the kids? Let them start associating fun characters with HEALTHY and natural food, as opposed to the processed food options normally associated with TV characters. We have created fun characters for the kids to associate with our meals … there is Dora the Dinosaur, Coco the Cat, Benji the Dog, Belinda the Butterfly and many more.   There is a lot of literature out there on kids’ associations with food. Michele Obama is doing a lot of work in the US to encourage healthy eating and living for kids with her Let's Move initiative and colloborating with Sesame Street (see here for video with Sesame Street).  

You see it all around the fast food restaurants - balloons, play areas, colouring in books, stickers, TV games and super hero characters. Of course they eat the food, and it’s NOT about the taste!!

You can tell them a story about Abe the Alien and how he enjoys space travel to new planets and universes, while they’re busy eating their alien fish cakes filled with broccoli!  With every product you order, your kids get a sticker of the character who created the dish. We are busy working on a placemat that will include all the characters … watch this space …



At Sprout we believe in caring for the environment. Our kids are the future, and they need this planet! So it’s our responsibility to take care of it. Food packaging contributes massively to the amount of garbage and recycling we as humans produce.  That’s why we made sure that our containers are completely biodegradable. Whether you recycle, compost or (gasp!) neither, these containers will not sit around on our garbage dumps for years to come, but will biodegrade. They are also completely BPA free, which means no seeping of harmful chemicals into the food.



Food Safety

We recognise that we are making food, so another important factor for us is that food health and safety regulations are taken into consideration. Although cooking from a home kitchen does often give the perception of ‘natural’ and ‘clean’, in many cases it is only a perception.  Our food is cooked in a health & safety compliant professional kitchen. We also work with a food technologist to understand food labelling requirements and shelf life analysis of our products. 



Liesel, the mother behind Sprout

                                                          Liesel Dylan Owen                                           

 Liesel has a business background.  She has worked as a management consultant in London, New York and South Africa focusing on the financial services industry for more than 15 years.  So, how did Sprout come about?

Having always enjoyed cooking, when her son was born, she made all his purees at home.  It was easy and quick – in the ice tray and sorted for the week. When the finger food stage hit, it soon became clear that this involved a bit more effort. And with a full time corporate job, the time was just not enough.       

When looking around at retail options for healthy meals and/or finger food options, she found some good child friendly packaging, but most products were filled with all the nasties. Those ingredients on the list that you don't even know what they are. She soon realised that finding something on the market that was truly preservative and hormone free was not easy.

 The foods on the shelves of a lot of our retailers are filled with all kinds of unnatural ingredients to make them last longer, look prettier, or taste ‘better’. The full effect on the human body of being exposed to these kinds of ingredients over long periods of time is not yet fully understood. But if you cast your eyes across some of the statistics on diabetes and obesity in kids and adults today, I don’t think you need too much more evidence to see that whatever the effects, they are not good. 

Liesel created Sprout to give parents, like herself, a healthier option for the food we feed our kids. Its not always easy to just cook what you're cooking for the family, mostly because there is not enough time and with today's work environments and traffic, its a very lucky family who can all sit down together for dinner before 7pm. So often, you have two meal times in your house, the kids meal time and the adult meal time.  The idea with Sprout is to take some of the stress out of meal times, and know that its healthy, nutritious food that you're feeding your kids.

It makes me feel so much better when I see the meals that my son now eats on a daily basis. He knows the Sprout characters by name, and will even tell you a story or two.  We have had some amazing feedback of fussy eaters really liking our food.  I think, one thing we all know as parents, is that every kid is different. They might love it, or they might not.  But give it a try, actually give it a couple of tries (because we know that too) and see what they think!

Sprout is built on 3 key principles:

             - Quality (no compromise ever!)
             - Kid focused (it is about them after all)
             - Environmentally kind (we only have one planet…for now)

We are passionate about sprouting healthy eaters!! Let’s give our children the foundation for healthy eating habits throughout their lives.  






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