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How do I order food?


It’s easy! Go to Products, select the meals / snacks / finger foods you would like to order, and click the ‘Add to cart’ button.  When you’re ready to submit your order, click on 'proceed to checkout' and follow the on screen instructions for check out.  You can also navigate back to our product page from the shopping cart if there is something you want to look at before completing your order, or remove items from your shopping cart.  Once you have completed the check out process, you will receive an automated email with your order information.  We will send you a seperate email with your invoice including payment and delivery details.


How do I pay for my order? What are your payment terms?


During the check out process you can select your payment option, either EFT or cash on delivery.  Once you have completed the check out process, you will receive an automated email with your order information.  We will generate an invoice and email this to you seperately with payment and delivery information. If you choose the EFT payment option, payment needs to be made before the delivery date to ensure that your order is delivered.  If an EFT payment is not received before delivery, we will follow up with you and schedule the next delivery date.


How does delivery work?


We will include a delivery date on your invoice. We strive to deliver your food within a week of your order, and it’s generally much sooner than a week.  Delivery costs are calculated on a per kilometre rate. Please see our delivery rates table for delivery to your area.  

***We have free delivery within the Cape Town Metropolitan Area until 17 April 2014 as a special with our website launch *** so order now and get your food delivered to you for free!  Chat to us if you don’t reside in the Cape Town Metropolitan Area, and we can make a plan!


What gluten free options do you have available?


Gluten Free Meals

Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten Free Finger Foods


What vegetarian options do you have available?


Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Snacks

Vegetarian Finger Foods


What age group is Sprout’s food for?


There is no age limit. The only requirement is that your little eater has been introduced to all solids through the different stages.  From there on, Sprout can be enjoyed by all. We even have adults enjoying our meals!


What is the portion size of one Sprout meal? Is it for one child, two or a family?


The portions are generally appropriate for 1 child, depending on the child’s age and weight. For each of our products we include information on portion size. Please see our Portion Size Guide based on Age and Weight.

We also include suggestions of what to add to finger foods to create balanced meals. We have worked with our nutritionist to analyse the nutritional value of each of our meals and make suggestions on portion sizes.


Where do I find the ingredients listing for each product?


Click on Our Products.  When you click on any product, you will get all the information for that product, including detail ingredient listings, any allergens, net weight of the product, preparation and storage instructions, serving suggestions and price.  We believe that the more information you have available to you, the better decision you’re able to make.  Many non-retail prepared food offerings often lack a lot of this important information.


Why the character associations?


We want to make the food fun for kids. If the big brands can do it for processed food, let’s turn the tide and get kids’ to associate fun with healthy, natural products. We have created fun characters for each of our products.  Watch this space for fun activities and stickers using our characters coming soon!


What does “compostable” and “biodegradable” mean in relation to the containers?

Compostable, hopefully the containers end up in a home or commercial compost heap and used to feed the soil and grow more plants.If not, they are biodegradable, if they do end up in a landfill, they will biodegrade when exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat, and future generations won’t be left wondering what to do with them.

What does BPA free mean and why is it important?


BPA is used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins; it has been in commercial use since 1957. BPA-based plastic is clear and tough, and is used to make a variety of common consumer goods (such as baby and water bottles, sports equipment, CDs, and DVDs) and for industrial purposes, like lining water pipes. Epoxy resins containing BPA are used as coatings on the inside of many food and beverage cans. BPA exhibits hormone-like properties at high dosage levels that raise concern about its suitability in consumer products and food containers where exposure is orders of magnitude lower. A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified possible hazards to fetuses, infants, and young children.The European Union and Canada have banned BPA use in baby bottles.

More information on Bisphenol A


Why don’t you use any canned products in your recipes?


Our containers are BPA-free and we don’t want to introduce BPA through canned products, which the latest research is showing they contain.  Besides, most canned products contain preservatives, which we stay far away from.  For more information see this recent article on www.nytimes.com:

Well Blog - Article (BPA Lurks in Canned Soups and Drinks)


Where can I find more information if my question is not listed?


Please contact Liesel at liesel@sproutsa.co.za with any questions.


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